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What Do Signs about Soil Fumigants Mean?
What do Signs about Soil Fumigants Mean?

You may have come to this site after seeing the web address on a sign near a field that was being treated with a soil fumigant.

These signs are put up when a fumigant application starts and will usually stay up until 48 hours after the fumigant application ends, but possibly longer depending on the product used.

The signs are located at places where people could enter "buffer zones." Buffer zones are areas that surround a field where a fumigant is applied. People who are not specially trained and equipped must stay out of buffer zones.

Two types of signs are used during soil fumigations: buffer zone signs and treated area warning signs for agricultural workers. Treated area warning signs are posted at the points where only specially trained and equipped pesticide handlers may enter the field where the fumigant is applied to the soil. Buffer zone signs are located at the edge of the buffer zone perimeter. The buffer zone is an area that extends outward from the perimeter of the fumigated field. For more information on buffer zones, please click here.

The signs are intended to help people who see them know to stay outside the buffer zone area. The buffer zone begins just beyond the place that you see the sign. This period starts when the soil fumigant application begins and usually ends 48 hours after the application is completed, but may be longer depending on the product used.

Applicators and handlers may enter the buffer zone when in compliance with label requirements that allow them to do so. If you see such workers inside the buffer zone, this does not mean that you can enter; do not enter buffer zones while the buffer zone sign is posted.